Our professional team has the knowledge and experience to help you with all auditing and financial accounting related matters. Our audit approach and tailor made audit plans suit different sizes and nature of business. We aim to assist management to ensure the financial statements are in compliance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (“SFRS”) and compliance with various government regulatory requirements, as well as optimize value for your organisation and your stakeholders.

Our risk-based audit approach ensures that we carry out audits in a timely and efficient manner. We strive to conduct our audits in a cost effective manner and passing the cost saving to our clients. During our audit, we also assist management to identify the weakness of the internal control and provide advisory. Our audit and assurance team include qualified chartered accountants who are well trained and are dedicated to providing you with best service via workable strategy, quality control and industrial know-how.

We conduct statutory audit in accordance to the Singapore Standard of Auditing ensuring your accounts are completed in accordance to Singapore Financial Reporting Standards. Also we will provide quality reporting pack to holding company for group consolidation purposes.


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